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Orbi RBK854 outdoor equipment


Orbi RBK854 outdoor equipment

Orbi RBK854.
Is there any equipment to extend the mesh system outdoors, AP or antenna

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Re: Orbi RBK854 outdoor equipment

If you can still find one, a RBS50Y outdoor RBS running extender mode FW could work. Otherwise, there isn't a lot of outdoor options. 

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Re: Orbi RBK854 outdoor equipment

@Macmahone wrote:

Is there any equipment to extend the mesh system outdoors, AP or antenna

Extending WiFi coverage outdoors involves a number of conflicting requirements:

  • How to protect the electronics from weather.
  • How to power the electronics safely outdoors..
  • How to get the electronics connected to the main WiFi system.
  • Ability to "mesh".
  • Ability to penetrate the building envelope.
  • Ability to bridge the distance between the main WiFi system and the extender.
  • Cost.

Satisfying one of the requirements may compromise the others.  For example:


The Netgear RBS50Y:

  • Is "weather rated" (for the electronics and the power unit that converts line voltage to 12v) There are environmental limits.
  • But... the power supply ends in a regular plug and it is up to the customer to weatherproof that connection.
  • Connects to the main WiFi system over 5G WiFi (no cable required) IF it is placed "close enough" to the main system (usually less than 50-60 ft. depending on building materials).
  • Is part of the true "mesh" for the original Orbi ac product line, but does not "mesh" with the AX products (mostly because the 5G backhaul radio is not compatible with the 5G radio in the AX products.)
  • Does not require physically penetrating the building envelope to get the network outside
  • Has limited distance capability.
  • Is relatively expensive.

Some customers elect to purchase a plastic weatherproof enclosure to protect a 'regular' Orbi RBS850 satellite.

  • Electronics protected - check.
  • Power supply - same issue as with the RBS50Y, except that the power supply itself is not weather rated, so the customer has to protect both the cord that is connected to line power plus that 'wart'.
  • Connection to main WiFi - check. Same as other satellites.
  • True mesh - check.
  • No wall penetration required - check.
  • Limited distance - same as RBS50Y
  • Cost - RBS850's are not cheap.

Another solution is to purchase an outdoor rated WiFi extender (not satellite) and connect it to the router.

  • Electronics protected - check.
  • Power supply - depends.  Some need to have electricity, some use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power the device and connect it to the network.  Ethernet is considered "low voltage" and there are not the same safety/code considerations for penetrating the building wall with PoE.
  • Connection to main WiFi - depends, either WiFi or PoE.
  • Wall penetration required - depends (WiFi backhaul no, PoE yes)
  • True mesh - no, not a chance.
  • Distance - depends.  PoE can be extended 100 meters.  Some WiFi units are rated in terms of kilometers.
  • Cost - all over the map, from under $100 to (very expensive).

If "mesh" is the top criterion, then only "a satellite in a box" will satisfy it.

If distance is the top criterion, then only a "point to point wireless bridge" will satisfy it.


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