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Orbi RBR760 and wired network adapters


Orbi RBR760 and wired network adapters

Looking for a solution. My house is stucco and my shop - disconnected - is also stucco. I have two RBS760’s one in the shop and one at the other end of the house (2300sq ft). The satellite Orbi keeps dropping off the net. I do not have Cat6 Ethernet run to the shop. Would a power line network adapter help resolve my issue - plugged into modem in house and plugged into Orbi satellite in shop? Thanks, looking for any suggestions less running Cat6.

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Re: Orbi RBR760 and wired network adapters

Powerline is appropriate for many scenarios.  The key is that Powerline is sensitive to the condition of the electrical wiring.  It is fantastic when Powerline adapters are all on the same electrical circuit.  Passing through circuit breakers can degrade capability. And going through multiple circuit breaker boxes is usually impossible.  ("Shop" tends to imply at least an electrical sub panel.)


It is not clear where the router is in relation to these two satellite units.  A satellite immediately next to the house wall might create a better link than a unit farther away.


Stucco certainly can impact WiFi signal strength.  One potential solution would be to replace the stucco with a plastic panel at both the house and shop and locate one satellite in the house and move the one in the shop to be physically next to the panel. (Painted suitably to match the house, of course.)

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Re: Orbi RBR760 and wired network adapters

Thank you. For certain there is a sub panel in the shop. I have two tramson windows on high in the house and one in the shop almost across from each other. I will try the RBS760’s through the glass prior to a plastic panel (would have to send the wife away for a bit!). Thank you again

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