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Orbi app

Hi I have the Orbi ax, rbr 850 and 5 satellites. 


I have switched this to AP mode and the app now cannot connect. Which makes sense, becasue in the setup section of the app, the IP of the router is The app will keep trying to connect, prompting 4 troubleshoot options which is not useful for me. 

1. Bridge mode does not work with app

2. ensure orbi is powered on.

3. VPN could be interfereing

4. ensure my mobile is connected to the right network and not the guest one. 


Now that it is in AP mode, the new address is My TP link router is .1 How do I change it to this so that the app can detect my orbi? 

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Re: Orbi app

Be sure your device IS connected to the Orbi wifi signal and not the TPLink signal. 

Orbi app does work in AP mode. Orbi app needs the Orbi signal to connect to it. 

Disable any VPN on the mobile device. 

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