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I always feel stupid when asking questions like this but I’m just really not a networking technical kind of person. Right now my ISP is SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet. My town is growing ever closer to getting Fiber internet by a local ISP. Currently I’m using the Netgear Orbi RBK852 Router. I’m not sure what kind of modem/router the new Fiber ISP is going to be sending me. I’m hoping that I can get that router to work alongside with my Orbi. Currently I’m only using the Orbi. I’m not using at all the Starlink router. It’s unplugged and sitting in a shelf. I want to continue using the Orbi due to the fact I have 1 wireless satellite router in another room that works in concert with the main Orbi. It just provides better whole home coverage. My wifi signal on my iPad and iPhone never decreases but I know if I were to take the Orbi out of the mix that the signal will diminish. Is there an answer here I could be happy with??


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I haven't seen a fibre setup that you can't get the orbi working with. 

Even if you have to use their gateway, you can disable its wireless and put the netgears IP address into its dmz, put the gateway in passthrough mode, or even just put the netgear in access point mode. 

You'll be able to use it still

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