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RBK750 and 850 Series Firmware Version v4.6.8.2 Available


RBK750 and 850 Series Firmware Version v4.6.8.2 Available

So seems that with NG's auto update event 3 weeks ago that caused some users system to be come non-functional or RBS to not sync anymore with the RBR, some users have been posing recently that NG has been continuing to use v4.6.8.2 FW and getting users systems back online. Also seems like maybe the AU system pushed the RBR before pushing to the RBS thus causing the RBS to not get updated properly and thus they lost sync with the RBR since now being out of FW version phase. Seems that NG is getting users systems back online with loading v4.6.8.2 back on the system and RBS and getting good results. This is recommended for users who had not manually updated there systems from FW versions prior to v. 


I'm posting links to the actual download files for the 7 and 8 series as they are still available via direct download:

Orbi 750 series:



Orbi 850 series:



Its recommended that if you have RBS that are not on same version of FW as the RBR, you should apply the FW update to the RBS on it's web page directly. Then re-update the RBR lastly.




You may need to ethernet wire connect the RBS to the back of the RBR to gain access to the RBSs web page using it's IP address. Also use the default log in user name admin and password for the RBS log in if your custom password doesn't work. 


NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DOWNGRADE from this version of FW to any other lower version of v4 FW. There maybe a possibility of the system becoming non functional if downgraded to a older version of FW. 


If all this fails, you may need to reach out to NG support and ask for there help to get your system up and running:



Hopefully this will help users re-gain full operation of there Orbi systems. 


Good Luck. 


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