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Re: RBK753 firmware update


RBK753 firmware update

So I noticed that there was an upgrade to my RBK753.  I went into the IP address for the router and it only showed an upgrade for the RBR750 and not the two satellites (V4.6.9.11).  I went ahead and updated that.  Now it will not list any clients connected, or the firmware of the two satellites.  Online updates did not show any more updates. 


When I head to the support page for the RBK753 (ex:  https://www.netgear.com/support/product/RBK753.aspx#download) it shows that V4.6.11.1 is the latest.  But I'm unable to manually update them the popup window (http://x.x.x.x/fwUpdate.htm) keeps giving a loading/can't reach page error or an HTTPS error).  After a reboot the online update page now says "update failed" for the V4.6.9.11 on the RBR and RBS.  I was able to redo the RBR but I can't update the RBS.


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Re: RBK753 firmware update

Please login directly on the satellites using their IP addresses (check which addresses are assigned to the satellites in the router) and do a manual upgrade. Downlaod the firmware from the Netgear Support page.

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