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RBK852 Lan vlan/QOS setup?


RBK852 Lan vlan/QOS setup?

I have the Orbi RBR50 (nonv2) with 2 RBS50s today. I just purchased the RBK852 as I may swap out RBR50 as I've been fighting internet issues (upload drops to below 1Mbps intermittanely for the past month) and trying to prove the issue is not my CPE.

--4 onsite techs. They test and state no problem. I know the problem is thier saturated nodes but ok.

--Replaced good SB6190 (32x4 channels) with new cable modem (CM1000v2) and updated service to 1Gbps...still struggle with uploads intermiettant to below 1Mpbs


I have a few questions on RBK852 (as I may return and keep RBR50):

-Can I setup my LAN to support QoS/Vlan tagging as 2 of us are working from home using VoIP?

--1 user - using VoIP via PC (teams) and/or IP hardphone

--2 user - using thin client remote worker via USB headset

-I believe I can reuse my RBS50s if hardwired (cat5e) to the new Orbi6...is that correct?

--if so, can i turn the RBR50 into an AP and hardware that for yet another satelitte?


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Re: RBK852 Lan vlan/QOS setup?

So is the RBR850 connected to the CM1000 modem now? 
Are you getting near 900Mpbs with wired PC connected directly to the modem then with the RBR in the middle 

What Firmware version is currently loaded?


I would review the user manual for any VLAN information. I believe the VLan is for WAN ISP configurations...




The RBR50 will work as a AP however not be appart of the Orbi AX wifi mesh system. It will be a separate wifi source. 

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