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Re: RBKE963 WAN redundancy


RBKE963 WAN redundancy

The RBKE963 has 10G internet port and 2.5G ethernet port. Can I feed internet from two separate ISP to them simultaneously to create internet redundancy in case one fails? Would one work as prime and the second one would kick in only when the first fails or the router can manage and load them both in order to achieve faster nternet speed? If the router does not support this mode of operations what are options to achieve it?

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Re: RBKE963 WAN redundancy

The 2.5Gb port is a LAN side port only. Not a WAN port. There is only 1 WAN port which is the 10Gb yellow WAN port. Home class routers usally don't support WAN side redundency. So you'll not see that in home class products. Business and Enterprise products, you would see this more often. 

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