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RBR850 Guest Wifi in AP mode (w/FiOS)


RBR850 Guest Wifi in AP mode (w/FiOS)

Based on my searches it seems others have been able to get guest wifi networks on the Orbi working when the unit is in AP mode (vs router mode).    I'm using the RBK852 and can't seem to get my guest wifi working in AP mode.


My setup:

RBR850 Orbi with single RBS850 satellite

V3.2.9.2_1.2.4 F/W

AP mode

Standard wifi configuration for my non-guest wifi network

Verizon FiOS G1100 as primary router with wifi disabled (both 2.4/5G radios)
RBR850 WAN port connected to G1100 LAN port


Everything is working great on the non-guest wifi.


When I enable the Orbi guest wifi I see the SSID appear but attempts to access web sites respond with "no internet available" errors.  When I look a little more deeply clients are connected to the wifi with a 19.168.2.x address and I can ping the Orbi which is the default gateway at   However I can't ping past that, there doesn't seem to be a route in the Orbi to get packets to the FiOS router.  I can't ping the WAN interface of the FiOS router (which I can when I'm connected to the non-guest wifi) or the address of the FiOS router. 

Does anyone else have a similar configuration working on the 850s or things I could try?



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Re: RBR850 Guest Wifi in AP mode (w/FiOS)

You will probably get more informed responses by posting in the Orbi "AX" community forum: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi-AX/bd-p/en-home-orbi-ax   People who watch this forum have the WiFi 5, residential Orbi.

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Re: RBR850 Guest Wifi in AP mode (w/FiOS)

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