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RBR850 / RBS850 in AP mode and wired backhaul


RBR850 / RBS850 in AP mode and wired backhaul

First time post.  Setup is as follows:  ISP modem only (no ISP router) connected to Netgear BR200 wired gateway (this is not a WiFi Router).  The BR200 is set as the DHCP router and is in front of all other device connections.  I do have several unmanaged, netgear GS 108 switches.  Since the BR200 as the DHCP router, my RBR850 set to AP mode and is connected to the BR200 gateway from the RBR Internet Port to BR200 LAN port.


I have (3) RBS 850 satellites throughout home that are connected through wired backhaul (at least I think they are, as there are several unmanaged GS108 switches).  The RBS850 satellites are ethernet connected through one or more GS108 switches.  I recently updated to the most current RBR/RBS 850 firmware (Sep 2022)  However, now I cannot seem to get the satellites to sync with the RBR850.  In addition, they do not show up in either the iPhone App or when I log directly into the RBR 850 router.


If I try to set up with a wireless backhaul (RBR 850 still in AP mode), I can see the satellites.  Alternatively, if I switch to Router Mode, I can add the satellites.  However, in wired mode, and set to AP I cannot see the satellites.


Is this an impossible setup with the BR200 Gateway and the wired backhaul?

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Re: RBR850 / RBS850 in AP mode and wired backhaul

Did you first sync the RBS to the RBR via wireless while in router mode, then once they were synced and front LED is BLUE, test the ethernet backhaul with the RBS connected directly to the back of the RBR, checking the RBRs web page and Orbi app for status. Needs about 5 minutes to come to ready after you connect them via ethernet. 


How are the RBS connected to the RBR via ethernet? Directly to the back of the RBR or is there a LAN switch in between them? 
What CAT# lan cable are you using? CAT6 is recommended. 

https://kb.netgear.com/000051205/What-is-Ethernet-backhaul-and-how-do-I-set-it-up-on-my-Orbi-WiFi-Sy... 📡

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Re: RBR850 / RBS850 in AP mode and wired backhaul

Thanks for the reply.  I've tried multiple connections and do believe I tried the router mode connection with wireless sync and then ethernet.  But it makes sense for me to retry router mode to wireless connection and then ethernet to make sure the ethernet connection is working.


Yes, there are at least two unmanaged switches between the RBR and each satellite.  RBR directly to BR200 Gateway.  Gateway wired to first unmanaged switched.  That first unmanaged switch wired to second unmanaged switch then patch cable to satellite.  And for one of the three satellites, there is a third unmanaged switch in front of the satellite.   The home is 30 years old, so when we wired it, the only way to do so was via switches.


All wiring, including patch cables are Cat6.  

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Re: RBR850 / RBS850 in AP mode and wired backhaul

You need to connect these switches to the back of the RBR, not the BR router. The RBS need a segment line from behind the RBR to a switch then to the RBS. https://kb.netgear.com/000051205/What-is-Ethernet-backhaul-and-how-do-I-set-it-up-on-my-Orbi-WiFi-Sy... 📡

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Re: RBR850 / RBS850 in AP mode and wired backhaul

Check your switch!


I recently encountered some unusual behavior with my Orbi WiFi 6 Router AX6000 (RBR850/RBS850).  Performance has been pretty good over the past 2-years since I installed this system - replacing an older Orbi AC3000 (RBR50/RBS50) system.


My Verizon FiOS ONT (modem) was connected to a Netgear GS105 unmanaged GigE switch, and both my Router and Satellite are connected to this switch.  Both my old and new Orbi systems have been working well in this configuration for a few years.


With my current system, over the past few months I have had issues where the Orbi app on my iPhone would not show the devices attached to my network. I was hoping that firmware updates would fix this, but no such luck (even with the latest firmware V4.6.9.11_2.3.5).  I ended-up rebooting the system every few days to resolve this issue.


Most recently, the RBS850 satellite would not sync with the RBR850 router, and I could not get it to sync after trying a variety of recommended solutions.  After a few days it started to sync again - and then lost sync again - and then regained sync again...


I decided to replace the 9-year old Netgear switch with a similar new TP-Link switch...even though the Tx/Rx lights on the old switch indicated that the switch was working properly.  Situation resolved with the new switch installed!  It's only been about 72-hours since I installed the new switch, but so far so good.

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