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RBS750 Firmware Update Trouble


RBS750 Firmware Update Trouble

I accidentally upgrade the firmware on my RBR750 to V4.6.5.14 before upgrading the firmware on my RBS750.


Now, I'm trying to manually update the RBS750 from V4.6.3.16 to V4.6.5.14.  But, I can't seem to do it.


The only way I can currenlty communicate with the RBS750 is if I connect it via an ethernet cable to the RBR750.


Then, I go to ADVANCED -> Administration -> Firmware Update -> Manual Update page on orbilogin.net.


I check the box next to my RBS750 and click the Update button.  Then, I select RBS750-V4.6.5.14-signed.chk that I had previously downloaded.  Then I click Upload.


Then I get the progress meter.  It goes to 99%, but never completes.  I go back to the Manual Update page, and it still shows the old firmware version V4.6.3.16.


If I repeat the process, I get an extra warning that the RBS750 already has V4.6.5.14, even though the Manual Update page shows V4.6.3.16.


What to do???


The satellite seems fine if connected to the router via an ethernet cable, but I can't get them to pair over Wi-Fi.

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Re: RBS750 Firmware Update Trouble

Well, I made some progress.  I followed the instructions in this issue and connected directly to the RBS750 website via its IP address.  I updated the firmware again, and then cycled the power on both the RBR750 and RBS750.  Now, both router and sattelite agree that the sattelite has V4.6.5.14.


I'm still having trouble getting the sattelite to sync with the router, but I'll keep you updated on that.

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Re: RBS750 Firmware Update Trouble

I recommend you update to this on the RBS first, then RBR lastly:



Netgear has set up a community forum specifically for the Orbi AX products. Most of the people who watch that forum are more likely to have experience with Orbi AX (WiFi6 RBK 3,7,8 and 9 Series) products. Might be more likely to find someone who has a solution if the question is posted there:

Please use this link to the main forum product list to review and choose where to make your posts. 

Thank you.

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