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Ad new orbi RBR50 and RBS to my network


Ad new orbi RBR50 and RBS to my network

I have a RBK20 network with two satellites working with bitdefender. I have now bought a RBR50 and a RBS50 (both used) and want to exchange my existing router with the RBR50 and connect the RBS50 satellite and my two old RBS20 satelites. 


How do I do this exchange in an easy way?


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Re: Ad new orbi RBR50 and RBS to my network

https://kb.netgear.com/000063635/How-do-I-get-help-with-my-NETGEAR-subscription-service "Easy" depends on how much effort has gone into configuring the existing Orbi router. 

  • If the only configuration is the WiFi name (SSID) and password, then simply configure the new RBR50 with the same credentials (exactly).  Then, use the Orbi web interface menu Add Orbi Satellite to connect the RBS50 and RBS20 units to it.  Done!
  • If extensive configuration has been done (would take me two hours to recreate my setup, including time to correct typos), then I would make screen shots of every configuration page.  Set up the new RBR50 off-line and not swap it in until everything is configured.  Do not set the WiFi SSID until the very last step. This will keep everything in the house from getting confused between the two systems.
    Swap the routers and add the satellites to the new router.

What I have no idea how to do is move the Armor subscription from the old to new router.  Suggest starting off by contacting Netgear Subscription services:


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Re: Ad new orbi RBR50 and RBS to my network

Hello @TrollHenrik ,


Welcome to the NETGEAR Community!


I understand that you would like to replace your RBR20 with the RBR50 and add an additional satellite to your Mesh network. The most efficient way to achieve that is to configure your Orbi Mesh network with the same SSID credentials as the current network. Reset all of the satellites then add them one-by-one to your RBR50 as new satellites. 


Please navigate to the link below for instructions on how to correctly factory reset your Orbi Mesh Systems satellites:


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