Introducing the Orbi 970 Series Mesh System with WiFi 7(BE) technology. For more information visit the NETGEAR Press Room.

Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

App for managing Orbi


App for managing Orbi

Netgear has a great product with the Orbi. No complains as such about the performance. IMO it is lacking behind others( eero, Luma, on hub or the new Google router) in managing the devices with an app. What do y'all feel?

Maybe if we all feel similarly, Netgear may consider developing an app that is updated with current standards( as opposed to the Netgear Genie currently on the iOS app store).
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Re: App for managing Orbi

@AniDutta they actually have an app called NetGenie but in need of an update badly. I'm in total agreement with you. They need to emulate these new startup companies in terms of UI and product design. I was hoping the Orbi did that, but we see the same old interface they been using since I've had the R6300.


Hopefully, they step it up. Going into admin mode should be a last resort or advanced user option. But if I want to see my signal health, speeds, change my guest password, etc. A beautiful mobile interface for iOS/Android would make this the router to have in 2016/17.

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Re: App for managing Orbi

i believe there is a dedicated app on its way , not sure of time frame but there will be one 🙂



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