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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Attached device question?


Attached device question?

I have my Amazon Echo about 40' from the router and 10' from the satellite.  When I look at 'attached devices' the MAC of the echo shows as a wired connection to the router, which is 100% impossible.


Any ideas or advice?

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Re: Attached device question?

I'm also finding devices that are further away from the router connecting to the router and not the satellite.  Satellite is about 50' from the router and a device that is about 20' further away is connecting to the router as well.

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Re: Attached device question?



its a flaw in the fw coding that will be addressed with newer firmware



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Re: Attached device question?

Was your comment about the firmware defect related to the labeling (for example, I have a iPhone that shows as a wired connection) or devices choosing the further away Orbi node?

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Re: Attached device question?

hi , devices shown as ethernet instead of wireless


the reason your device may actually be connecting to the other orbi node is they are to close together , try separating them further

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