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Re: Auto update 2.1.4 bricked my router?


Auto update 2.1.4 bricked my router?

My system auto updated sometime last night. . .came home to a not working wireless.  Rebooting both, and attempting to connect via a wired connection, I see the router IP pings only spontaneously now.   I can get to the web page sporadically, but not long enough to manually downgrade. I also noticed the ethernet backhaul no longer works.  Wondering now if my systems are bricked. . it was working flawlessy until this latest update.  I'm way out of the support period. . is there a procedure I should flow to try and fix this?

Model: RBK53| Orbi Router + 2 Satellites Orbi WiFi System
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Betreff: Auto update 2.1.4 bricked my router?

It's highy unlikely, that the fw update bricked your router. Have you tried to perform a factory reset? Depending on the fw release the Orbi has updated from, this might be necessary.

Model: RBK40| Orbi AC2200 WiFi System
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Re: Auto update 2.1.4 bricked my router?

try unpluggin the satellite from the main router and reboot.  If everything comes up, then try plugging in the satellite.

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