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Be Informed Before You Buy


Be Informed Before You Buy

I bought this product with high hopes.  It filled an exact need I had.  What I've received since is a migraine and a company so set in it's ways that it's costing all of us money.  I'll update this thread (or all threads I'm on) if my experience is better, but I'm here to caution and warn you not to buy this product.  


Look at Amazon, the reviews are great.  Look at the bad reviews, those are the real ones.  We've all had problems with our Orbi staying connected.  One person from Netgear might even admit that, but most of them won't.  The truth is Orbi updates firmware monthly and so you'll have problems monthly.


Now to the headache.  I've been troubleshooting or talking to helpdesk people for nearly 20 hours over the span of 30+ days.  Here is the experience you will get

-unknowledgeable technicians.  One told me to return my orbi satellite because I was having a GUI problem and couldn’t rename my network for 48 hours.  The two are completely unrelated.

-a different person each time you interact

-a different answer than the person before.  That will drive you mad.

-empty promises.  They don’t have the confidence to write what they say

-answers to questions you don’t ask.  They answer their own questions not the ones you ask, no matter how many times you repeat it.

-techs you can’t hear because the floor is so noisy

-24+ hour response times to get you out of warranty faster before you product is fixed

-techs that only know how to read off their piece of paper. Don’t expect a back and forth conversation

-techs that don’t value your time.  They’ll spend lengths of time repeating the same thing over and over. Also if you have a scheduled time window for a call, they won’t respect that window either.

-They blame the other techs.  You have to listen to them point the finger at their peers.  It’s very uncomfortable.

-I can guarantee there is more. I also don’t think there’s enough literature on how bad NETGEAR is with the product launch and support you receive.  I’ll do my best to update everyone on this thread or add another thread to get the word out that NETGEAR isn’t here to sell you a good product, they are here to treat you like a number and hope that you don’t complain about it because they don’t care about you and won’t provide the support you need to give you confidence in their product. 


Hey NETGEAR, buy something from amazon and contact their customer service line.  See what it should be like.


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Re: Be Informed Before You Buy



Nice summary. I'm in your same boat, I've just bean there longer. I can tell, fairly specifically what the problems are, but I help you fix them. And, netgear won't be fixing them.


Here's my post along the same lines, in case your interested.


There is also the refund list started on this forum. You should reply for now.


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