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Best WiFi Solution for unique long/tall home.

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Best WiFi Solution for unique long/tall home.

I just moved into a new home and I am trying to get WiFi coverage in all spots. It's a very unique skinny/tall home with 2,700+ sq feet of space. There are 4 floors including the basement with the living spaces at opposite ends of each floor connected by a long hallway (home is 60FT long front-to-back with 9+ ceilings on each floor).


I set-up Verizon Gigabit service and currently have the Verizon Gigabit router located in the living room (front room) of first floor and it reaches all areas, but am looking to replace/augment as the performance is slower in the back rooms of floors 2 & 3 (office + master BR). I have already have already installed 3 nest thermostats, 2 Alexas and plan to add more smart devices (e.g. Cameras), so connectivity is essential.


Additionally the home is fully pre-wired for ethernet in every room with multiple jacks with the main box in the basement, so I could potentially connect routers directly to the ethernet jacks in the rooms if I added a switch in the main box in the basement. Though I prefer to do something easier with plug and play. I'm looking for a solution that will offer the same network name (mesh-experience) across all 4 floors front-back of the home with the fastest possible wifi.


I have compared Orbi, Velop, Google, Eero etc. and it seems that Orbi/Velop are the two that would be best. I would appreciate some help from the community! If Orbi, which system is best (RBK50, RBK53)? 

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Best WiFi Solution for unique long/tall home.



Since you have such a large house, I would recommend an RBK53 for you.  That way, you could put satellites (3 come with the RBK53) on each floor not serviced by the base.  That should give you good connectivity on each floor that you are using.


I realize that I don't have the same issues that you do, but that's okay.  I hope that this information helps you.




Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Best WiFi Solution for unique long/tall home.

You should just try out the Orbi with at least a couple satellites.  If it works well you can add another satellite (if necessary).  Buy from a place with a good return policy and in the off chance it doesn't work for you then you're protected.


My house is 3 levels and ~2800 sq ft.  I have 3 satellites but my original system with just 2 satellites was probably fine.  I have satellites on each floor, one very close to the front and one very close to the rear so this easily covers my outdoor-mounted cameras.  I check my wifi speeds very carefully and with 5Ghz get 230Mbps vs. only 160Mbps on my old Netgear R8500 (Nighthawk X8).  I don't have any the device or internet disconnects that some others report in this forum.

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