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CBR40 and Philips hue Bridge


CBR40 and Philips hue Bridge

I am having an insane amount of trouble with trying to get my philips hue lights to sync to my playstation due to the bridge only being able to connect on the 2.4gHz band and my phone and ipad only connecting to the 5gHz band. I have tried disabling the 5gHz SSID broadcast in the hidden settings but my phone still connects to a 5gHz band somehow. Does anyone have any pointers? I spent way to much on the hue gradient strip and now i cant even get it to sync. I have seen that activating telnet can give you the option of which band to connect to, but i cant find the telnet option in the browser when i go to for any help. 

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Re: CBR40 and Philips hue Bridge

After you've disabled the 5ghz signal, also turn down the broadcast power on the 5ghz. Then shut off your satellites. 

After they're shut off, walk a ways away from the router and disconnect/reconnect to it. That increases your chances it'll connect to the 2.4ghz. 

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Re: CBR40 and Philips hue Bridge

I did what you suggested and no progress. I confirmed i was on the 2.4gHz channel and still get the same message "Please make sure your Hue Bridge is on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the hue sync box" when I try to sync my . I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled all philips devices and apps. Any other suggestions? I think i may try buying a new bridge if i cannot make any more progress. I have had the setup for almost a year and have only ran into this problem in the last few months.

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