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Cable Modem


Cable Modem

New to Orbi. Set up yesterday. So far working well and certainly appreciating the improvement in our internet! Would like to replace cable modem, both to eliminate monthly rental fee, and perhaps see an additional increase in speed.


May I ask for your recommendation regarding most suitable cable modem?


Thank you for your thoughts.

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Re: Cable Modem

The brand and type of cable modem depends on what your Internet Service Provider supports.  Check your ISP's web site, it should have a list of supported cable modems.  Most ISPs allow you to buy your own modem if it is one on their supported list so that you don't have to pay a monthly modem rental fee.  The speed of the cable modem needs to match or exceed the speed that you are paying for (i.e. 100Mb/s versus 1Gb/s download).

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Re: Cable Modem

Thank you for your reply.


Checked Cox approved modem list. Motorola MB8600 cable modem is included on that list. Doxcis 3.1 and backward compatible with earlier standards. Seems like would be good choice for future proofing, for a few years anyway.

 Am I correct that the MB8600 will also be compatible with the Orbi router?


Thank you!



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Re: Cable Modem

@SH61 wrote:


Am I correct that the MB8600 will also be compatible with the Orbi router?


Other way round. Your router needs to be compatible with the modem.


But the Oribi will work with any modem that has an Ethernet outlet.


You may not be limited to the MB8600, but, whatever you buy, avoid anything that is a modem/router.



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