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Can I use my orbi satellite as a bridge for my IPTV?


Can I use my orbi satellite as a bridge for my IPTV?

Hi guys


I have recently changed IPTV provider in Sweden (from Telia to Viasat), and they have provided me with a network cable to be plugged from my my switch to my tv-box.


What I did with my previous provider was connect a network cable from the swith to my ORBI router, and then in turn the Orbi satellite to the tv-box. And that worked fine most of the time.

In this case, when doing the same thing, I often lose the signal, and I don´t receive all the channels. I contacted Viasat , and they said that the network cable must go from the switch to the tv-box, in order to send the signal in fiber. If I use the satellite, it is only sent in regular internet, which causes some channels to drop. I have no idea what that even means, or if it makes any sense.


They recommended for me to get a bridge, namely the Arris VAP3402. My question is, can´t the Orbi satellite function as a bridge, and what does the Arris model do differently?


Edit: And just to add, I am running the latest firmware on the Orbi and the 2 satellites V2.7.2.104

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Can I use my orbi satellite as a bridge for my IPTV?

You can connect the TV box to the RBS and see if it connects and gets services thru the RBS if the RBS is connected to the RBR. Possible that there is some specific services that are required by the new TV box that may not get thru the Orbi system. It may need to be directly connected to the RBR or ISP modem services with a ethernet cable. Something to discuss with the ISP about. The Arris is just a client device that can work in either AP mode or Wireless bridge mode. Contact the mfr of this device for help and information regarding there product. 

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Re: Can I use my orbi satellite as a bridge for my IPTV?

Thank you for the quick reply.


I have contacted my ISP and they claim that mesh systems cannot act as an extender/bridge for the fiber signal, and therefore cannot work as an IPTV solution. That they cannot handle multicast signals. The only way it can work, is with a cable directly from my main switch to the tv box, or by using an extender/bridge to go wireless.


I thought that Orbi was capable of doing the same ? 

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Re: Can I use my orbi satellite as a bridge for my IPTV?

I am not familiar with viasat, at least in terms of fiber.

At first I thought viasat means: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viasat_(Nordic_television_service) but this is satellite.

Also puzzled about switching IPTV provider but not internet provider?

Are internet and IPTV provided by different companies?


It would help to see a complete description of "what is connected to what". and what mode the Orbi is in (router or access point).


Orbi can support IPTV for televisions wired directly to the router LAN ports.  See page 84 in the Orbi user manual:


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