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Can Orbi help with my issues?


Can Orbi help with my issues?

Hi everyone. We have comcast as our interenet provider in our home. We have great speeds and have not expereinced issues that way. We do live in a wooded/mountain area so our cell coverage is awful here. We use the wifi calling ability in our phones which helps alot. Sending SMS messages is still an issue. We just built a 4000 sq ft pole building abotu 380 ft behind our house. My husband will be working out of it so we need to expand our internet to that area. When we built we did burry conduit so we do have the ability to get wires out there. My question is what is hte right product for us? I am considering the Orbi after calling Net Gear yesterday but not completely convinced that will solve our unique need. Any suggestions??? 

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Re: Can Orbi help with my issues?

What is the size of your home? Sq Ft? 

Whats the distance between the home and this new building? 


I would recommend that you use the Orbi in your main home and run a LAN cable out to the 2nd building and place a LAN to LAN connected wireless access point there for wireless and wired services out there. You can use same SSID names and PWs for each building, as long as channels on 2.4Ghz are set to 1 in the Home and 11 in the other building, 36 on 5Ghz in the Home and 48 or higher depending upon what AP model and Mfr you chose to place in the new building there. 


The Orbi would work well in the home with 1 base unit and one satellite. 30 feet is recommended in between them to begin with depending upon building materials. I have a 5000sq st home and have one router at one end upstairs and 1 satellite down stairs at the opposite end. 40 feet in between them. Great coverage and performance. 

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Re: Can Orbi help with my issues?


You can't just run a LAN cable to the pole building, as 100m is the maximum distance for Ethernet.  The best would be to run a fiber optic cable to the building.  You need two switches with SFP ports. Put one in the house and one in the pole building, with fiber connecting them. Then install a wireless access point in the pole building.  Everthing would be on one network.


If you cannot run fiber, you could use a VDSL extender.  Something like this one: https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-VDSL2-Ethernet-Extender-Single/dp/B002CLKFTG


Another alternative would be a wireless point-to-point link.  Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-NanoStation-Dedicated-Management-NS-5ACL-US/dp/B078NN1J4K/ref=sr_1_1...



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