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Can't Connect To Orbi Router


Can't Connect To Orbi Router

I just set up an Orbi Router and Satellite - Everything went smoothly and I tested a number of devices including the one I am writing this on. Then I switched from my Orbi app on my tablet to my phone - no problem logging in. 


Then I tried to log into the router using a browser but authentication failed every time.

I chatted with support and they were confused and eventually scanned for my wifi settings and then told me that I had an infection in my wifi. I asked which device was infected and the support guy told me that it was in the network. And I said well the Orbi is creating the network. The he said it was in the ip address, what ever that means. 

I said that sounded strange to me and I asked him what he suggested - he said that they would have to pass me on to another support person but there would be a service charge. 


I declined. I would rather return the Orbi than be charged more money just to get an already expensive product up and running. 

What gives?


1)Is this a thing. Is he really saying that a device on the network is infected or that my modem is infected or... ??

2) I'm running Symantec Endpoint Protection on the machine that I am connecting to the network with and it is of the opinion that I don't have an "infection". Is it wrong

3) Why can I log into the router with my mobile device with no problem... why should the browser be a different question?


I hope I won't be returning the product - I'm getting good speeds throughout my house but I need to make at least one DHCP reservation.


P.S Support was really not great.



Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Can't Connect To Orbi Router

Update to this:

So I'm able to log into the router using the browser on a few other devices. I suspect interference from the firewall policy of Symantec Endpoint Protection. I use other malware protection on other devices so no problems there.


Great device but not a great support experience would be my main take-away. 




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Re: Can't Connect To Orbi Router

Are you sure you were talking to netgear support? You can't just google the number and contact them. You have to go through the mynetgear at the top, register an account and then the product. Then you go through that to get support. 

There's been a few scam numbers online and I just want to make sure you were going through genuine support and not one of the scams. 


Did you try any other laptops/pc's? 

Does it work if you try to log into the router via your phone browser (not the app)?

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Re: Can't Connect To Orbi Router

Thanks for the reply. Yes - I totally wasn't talking to Netgear. Very sloppy of me; embarassing really.  I was talking to these yahoos: "https://orbilogincom.com".  Apparently a Total scam.

Fortunately all I did was annoy them by telling them their statements were "ridiculous" and didn't make sense. Funny when I go to the site from my history, today, its says: "Looks like you're not connected to your Orbi's WIFI network" although, of course, I am.


All good - I sorted out the connectivity. The admin page still doesn't like my Macbook Pro but thats probably due to a conflict with Symantec Endpoint Protection. The Armour security also tells me that there is an offending CVE on my Macbook Pro but won't identify it. I've scanned it up and down and it is to the best of my knowledge and ability: clean.


More to the point, I am able to connect to the admin page through the other machines, both Mac and PC, in my house. 


Love the Orbi - I had a Ubiquiti UAP AC-P in here before and the Orbi kicks it around the block for signal and, surprisingly, throughput.


Thanks again.







Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Can't Connect To Orbi Router

Glad to hear you've got it figured out and that it wasn't netgear support being wankers. Hope it stays working great for you!

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