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Can't install Orbi mytime on childs Kindle-Fire HD (2019)


Can't install Orbi mytime on childs Kindle-Fire HD (2019)

Advertising all over the place tauting support for child protection via mytime using Orbi, on Amazon Kindles.  Major challenge:


1. Orbi mytime-install link take syou to a google marketplace, which only installs on known devices.

2. APK's don't install directly onto kindles without 3rd party software 


So can someone direct me to the step-by-step Kindle installation instructions for the mytime app?  Or was this all just "assumptions" on Product Managements' part because android was supported?


Use Case:  As a parent and owner of a Kindle device, I would like to install and configure the mytime application for managing my childs online saftey, by following step-by-step instructions given that the application is not registered on the Amazon Marketplace for Kindle.


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Re: Can't install Orbi mytime on childs Kindle-Fire HD (2019)

Netgear has set up a community forum specifically for this product. Most of the people who watch that forum are more likely to have experience with MyTime and know how to work it better than those of us who follow this "general Orbi" forum. Might be more likely to find someone who has a solution if the question is posted there:




Good Luck. 

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