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Connecting Netgear Orbi to FritzBox


Connecting Netgear Orbi to FritzBox



My current home network consists of two Netgear 3700 wireless routers, configured identically, one used as an accesspoint. This works really well, I have one SSID and there are no problems moving from the one to the other router. 

The total configuration is as follows: Glass fiber modem -> FritzBox router -> Netgear main router Internet port.

The FritzBox is obligated by my cable company and is used to separate Internet and Phone signals. I do not use any other features of the Fritzbox, like the wireless router functionality.


As my Netgear 3700 routers are getting quite old and slow I want to upgrade. Netgear Orbi seems ideal for my situation.


My question is: can I connect the Netgear Orbi the same way as my current 3700 main router? That means I connect the output of the FritzBox router to the Internet port of the Orbi... ???


Thanks for your help,




Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Connecting Netgear Orbi to FritzBox

Yes.  Run Orbi in Access Point mode.

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