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Re: Constant Internet Drops - RBK50 w/4 Sats


Constant Internet Drops - RBK50 w/4 Sats

Im not sure if it is coincidence or not but i just added a 4th Satellite and I am now having constant, and i mean CONSTANT, internet drops and reconnection issues. I currently have the RBK50 router + 3 RBS50 sats + 1 RBW30.

Ever since I installed the 3rd RBS50 (and ethernet wired in 2 devices on it) im getting constant internet drops, satellite disconnects and devices, such as my Samsung S7 where the wifi icon suddenly shows no internet conection, then drops of the wifi connection all together and cant connect back to the network at all.

I believe my firmware is V2.1.2.18.

I also know the sats are disconnecting because i can see that devices that should be connected to them have suddenly connected to the distant router. Wifi Bulbs suddenly cant reconnect at all to any sats or router (too far away).

I think the system should be able to handle 4 sats so any ideas? 


Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Constant Internet Drops - RBK50 w/4 Sats

Three is the officially supported maximum number of satellites.


Remove the fourth and see if that solves your problem. What was your reason for adding the fourth?



More is not better when it comes to WiFi. Too many satellites can cause signal overlap and trouble with your devices roaming between nodes, which can lead to dropped connections, etc.


How big is your house?  I cover 3-levels and ~3,000 SF with one satellite, and I can get a usable signal 500' away outside the house.

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Re: Constant Internet Drops - RBK50 w/4 Sats

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Re: Constant Internet Drops - RBK50 w/4 Sats

Mate, my house is like a Farady cage! Superman himself could not see through our walls. I live in a 3 storey townhouse that is around 3400s/ft. The router is on the 1st floor near one end. One RBS50 is in my bedroom on 2nd floor. One RBS50 is in my office at the opposite end of the first floor. The 3rd RBS50 is on the ground floor on the opposite end of the house and i have the RB30 plugged in on the ground floor also, opposite end of the RBS50.

It is the only way I can get full speeds in each location of the house (except for the RB30 which i can only get about a quarter of the full speeds).

Without the satellites I can get connections but they are around 1/3 or 1/4 of full speeds.


But yes I have disconnected one of the RBS50's and the issue is better. I had read other posters who said they had no problem with 4 or even 5 satellites which is why I purchased the 4th one.


I had no issues for a week but it started, for some reason, a couple of days ago.


Im bummed that it cant handle the 4th, especially at the distances of each satellite. They are quite far from each other.


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Re: Constant Internet Drops - RBK50 w/4 Sats

Id check Daisy Chain to see if this helps any, enable or disable.


Definatly update to the Beta and test.


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