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Re: Daisy Chaining on an Orbi RBK50 system


Daisy Chaining on an Orbi RBK50 system

I currently have a RBK50 system with 2 RBS50 satellites in my 3 story 2400sft townhome.  I get very good service from the system when connected via ethernet to the Orbis and when close to the devices.  However, my 300mbs internet connection drops to 70mbs (on average) when in our large eat-in kitchen.  We spend a lot of time in there sometimes with 3 laptops and 5 or 6 cell phones plus 1 ipad and 3 streaming devices.


I was thinking that it might make sense to get an RBS40 or RBS30 to beef up the signal in the kitchen.  The closest existing Orbi is the Orbi Satellite 1 floor up in my daughters bedroom, so Daisy Chaining with the new 2.0 firmware may be an option.  I don't think the connection to the RBK50 is all that good as the kitchen had large dead areas before I went to the Orbi system.


I was leaning to the RBS40, so I could connect some of the streaming devices via ethernet and eliminate their contention.  Does this make sense?  Would I get the performance I am looking for via Daisy Chaining?  I realize that for a lot of people this is guilding the lily, but since I am paying for the bandwidth, the one time cost for the extra satellite does not seem that outrageous.


The RBS30 seems like a less capable solution at almost the same price and an RBS50 seems like overkill.  Any thoughts?



Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Daisy Chaining on an Orbi RBK50 system

Yea that could work for your situation if you believe its the signal being weak in that part of the home but you may want to play with the wireless channel on your systems to make sure you are not getting interference from appliances or other wifi devices.



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