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Re: Decreased internet speed of ORBI RBK50


Decreased internet speed of ORBI RBK50



Upgraded to Charter Spectrum Ultra100 intenet service.  Have an ORBI system (router + 1 satellite) RBK50 + RBS50.  Since upgrading the internet service, when I get 130+ near the main router, my speed test near the satellite is near 30-50, sometimes 90 or as low as15-20.  I have updated firmware on router and satellie and have tested signal with Charter.   It's been much worse since upgrading.  It was better on regular high speed internet.  I was getting 55-66 everywhere with no degradation of speed.  Can the ORBI handle the extra speed?  Do I need another satellite?  Are there setting I should change to better accomodate the additional speed?



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Re: Decreased internet speed of ORBI RBK50

Have been reading...Seems on 2GHZ up to 192 mbps and up to 866 mbps on 5 GHZ.  Then why is my internet speed degrading by 33-66% when in range of the satellite.  Makes me think there is something inefficient between the router and satellite...some setting???


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Re: Decreased internet speed of ORBI RBK50

Hello Sarahshorin


In the wireless settings have you tried to change the wireless channel on the 5ghz and 2.4ghz network?



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