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Re: Ethernet backhaul in AP mode - Best install?


Ethernet backhaul in AP mode - Best install?

Hey guys,


With wired backhaul and two sats, whats the preferred wiring method / best performance?


Should I wire all devices to a switch...  or wire the router to my switch and then the AP's to the router?  Any benefit to one method over another?  Appreciate your thoughts.

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Re: Ethernet backhaul in AP mode - Best install?

Hello Shad0w


I would use the best setup for your network they all should work the same.



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Re: Ethernet backhaul in AP mode - Best install?

I can install any method in my case. My question is more aound when a router is in ap mode do the sats actually backhaul all traffic to the router in ap mode or do the sats just dump the traffic bound for the internet out to the switch? So in my case I have

Modem in bridge-pfsenserouter-switch then the switch connects to router in ap mode and also to each sat. With one gig link to the router in ap mode If all traffic does indeed backhaul to ap, traffic would head to ap and then back out to switch to reach internet. Kind of like a one arm router. If that’s the case I imagine it would be better to plug the sats directly into the router in ap mode so they each have direct access to ap and the ap can then pass traffic out it’s internet port. Make sense? What’s the actual behaviour like?
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