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Fast Router Slow Satellite(s) - Ethernet Backhaul


Fast Router Slow Satellite(s) - Ethernet Backhaul

Posting this in case it helps anyone who runs into the same problem.


I run one RBR40 with two connected RBR20 satellites daisy-chained via ethernet cables. My router is on my second floor and I connect a first floor satellite directly to it and then connect a second satellite in the basement to the first floor satellite.


I recently moved my satellites around when rearranging some furniture and suddenly while still getting my normal 500MBS when connected to my router, I couldn't get more than 95MBS while connected to either satellite.


It turned out that I had connected my ethernet cables to the wrong ports. It's VERY important that the first satellite ethernet cable is attached to both the router's and satellite's left most ports (when looking directly at the back of the router or satellite). And that the second satellite is connected via it's left-most port to the first satellite's second port.


The moment I corrected these connections I got my full speeds back.

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Re: Fast Router Slow Satellite(s) - Ethernet Backhaul

Do you have picutures that you can share of this for each RBS? 

Do you have Diasy Chaing enabled or disabled on the RBR? 

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Re: Fast Router Slow Satellite(s) - Ethernet Backhaul

I do have daisy-chain turned on. But, with this wired connection it doesn't make any difference if I turn it on or off. And the two satellites, when physically wired, are both shown as connected directly to the router in the mobile app's network diagram with a solid line. The diagram doesn't change whether daisy chain is on or off.


If I daisy chain the basement satellite via wireless, I get a dotted line from the first floor router to the basement satellite and a solid line from the first floor satellite back to the router. But my basement backhaul never gets full speed that way. I only get the daisy chained diagram for wireless if daisy chain is turned on. So it's my belief that the daisy chain setting only applies to wireless.



  • RBR40 Router - It's the light gray cable that runs to the first floor satelliteRBR40RBR40
  • RBS20 Satellite - First Floor - light gray cable goes back to the router. The dark gray cable is first floor satellite to basement satelliteRBS20 - First FloorRBS20 - First Floor
  • RBS20 Satellite - Basement - please note in the basement router photo the lighting makes the dark gray cable look like the light gray cable. But it really is the dark gray cable that's plugged into itRBS20 - BasementRBS20 - Basement



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