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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Re: Firmware incredibly unstable


Firmware incredibly unstable

My Orbi system is practically unusable currently with v2.0.0.74 and 2 satellites. I cant watch an evening of streaming TV without the sateliitle disconnecting and becoming unusable. I have tried to disable the new daisy chaining, just as unstable using old method - tried to down grade software but it just auto-updates again - works fine on the downgrade version until a forced update... This is an incredibly annoying to have poor updates forced on us and this new feature clearly requires beta testing.

I just want my working 1.x version back.  Tried the forums advice to prevent the auto-update but eventually its overwritten.

Problem  I face probably stems from the fact my Roku is connected via hardwire into the satellite Orbi and not the central router - worked fine for 6 months on version 1.x but 2.x that seems impaired.  The communication back to the central router is severely compromised. Not impressed Netgear - pull this software release - its not primetime ready. Really quite unacceptable to have wifi this unstable.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Firmware incredibly unstable

Does anyone know or aware if a new Beta is available or new Firmware is in the works to be released? 

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Re: Firmware incredibly unstable

Worth noting, for many users, 1.10.x up until 2.00.x was incredibly unstable.  What is working for many isn't working at all for others.

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Re: Firmware incredibly unstable

I had some issues with stability, but it was because one of my satalites was not the latest firmware and the rest of the devices were. Once I fixed that I've been rock solid. I was hesitant to purchase because of all the stability complaints, but I guess I've lucked out. 

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Re: Firmware incredibly unstable

I finally gave up on the Orbi and went with the EERO system, which (fingers crossed) works great and hopefully will continue to do so.  When the latest ( software was released (after installing the EERO), I hooked up the Orbi to my EERO and through ethernet, upgrade the main and satellites to the new firmware.  From what I can tell, all seems to be working on the Orbi end.  But, I have not spent the time to hook up the Orbi as the main router and test it as a system.  I'm just trying to ensure that a stable system exists before handing it off to a friend - I don't want to pass on a system that won't work reliably.  The EERO is definitely working very well as a true mesh system, whereas the Orbi wasn't handling anything when I ditched it.  That said, it is possible that Netgear has fixed things - I'm just not sure, as I've not had the opportunity to fully test it.

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