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Re: Firmware, a poll


Re: Firmware, a poll

@Retired_Member wrote:
May be firmware related. Every morning wired speed drops to 50mbps or so. Reboot and it goes back to 900 (gigabit service.) does this sound like a hardware or software issue?

This happened to me. It might take a week, but my 200Mbps connection would drop to 40-50 and stay there until a reboot. Wired connections stayed fast.


What I found: A small NETGEAR Wi-Fi dongle was connected to my Dish Network STB to provide connection to guide downloads. I went in to the Dish receiver setup and switched the Network Name to a different name (I had two identical names in the list for some odd reason). Once I reconfigured the dongle, my connection stayed at full speed. 


Check every single one of your wireless devices. Reboot, disconnect/reconnect, etc. and you may solve the issue.

Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Firmware, a poll

Asus has AMAZING software for their routers.  Extremely detailed - covers every aspect of router settings/config.  This is what led me to determine my cabling deficiency.  However, I did not get MAX speeds consistently with the AX XT8.  My gig speedtest usually recorded around 400-450 mbps. once in a while, 800 wired.  wifi around 300.  I'm sure this is fine....but....


So, I picked up the Orbi 852 package.  I think Netgear has superior hardware (processors, ram, antennas, etc.)  And pretty crappy software. Everything is working fine.  consistently 900 mbps wired and 500 wifi.  I did go from a 3 piece system to a 2 piece system.  One of the sattelites didn't have many connections anyway.   Too bad we can't get the Asus software with the Orbi hardware.  You'd think Netgear would provide MUCH better software.  tbd.  I also couldn't find a decent Asus community to bother.  Netgear does have a very active user community.  

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Re: Firmware, a poll

I have the same problem. 

@JCR-PDX wrote:

Don't do it.  Seems like at least every other update causes me issues that are seemingly random.  Right now, the network drops internet connection but still broadcasts network and connections appear to be ok.  Already spent a week on it without issues.  Last time it took me four months to solve a similar problems.  Netgear!!!!!?????!!!!!!!


Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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