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Re: Firmware v2.5.1


Re: Firmware v2.5.1

NG isnt the only company effected by the virus. 

@bolingde wrote:

Just an extra note. 


I have support on my router and chose email support from Netgear, but they seem to be AWOL. I understand the virus, etc but I would think that a tech company could handle "work from home". I contacted 3 times, have a support # etc, but no contact. 

I understand they're not the only company affected by the virus and I wish their employees stay safe and well during this time.

My only issue is that Our of Office messages have been around forever and can even be setup remotely. I would expect an email saying something like "Sorry but NG and our support contactors have closed up because of the Corona Virus. Support issues will not be handled until futher notice."


Plus while my router said it was available for all the support options before I placed the support issue it was taken off after. So NG must be keeping enough people online to mark down support. 

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