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Re: Google Play services beta update


Google Play services beta update

Has someone updated Android devices to Google Play services beta latest release (11.9.75) and see improvement on Wifi disconnects and Orbi router reboot ? Updated Google Play Services is supposed to fix this issue : https://support.google.com/googlehome/answer/7634752?hl=en&ref_topic=7071995&vid=0-431335731009-1516...

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Re: Google Play services beta update

I was on 11.9.73 this morning with my Pixel XL and my router immediately rebooted. Picked up the Nexus 6P later in the morning just to try to get it to reboot and noticed it was already on 11.9.75. I have seen no reboots since upgrading my Pixel XL as well


All are fine now that I'm on 11.9.75. I do not recommend staying on the beta forever though, just til there's a solid release again. Google Play Services is the main backbone to many of their services so one update can break lots of unintented things.



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