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Had to walk away from


Had to walk away from

It was actually the most stable of the 2.1 releases, and I'd really hoped I could stay on it, but unfortunately, three factors were just too much:


- Very high latency jitter (as compared to 2.0)

- Inconsistent bandwidth performance (at least a few times a day, various family members would complain about page load times, where simple DNS requests would take upwards of 30 seconds)

- Low average throughput (on my FiOS 150/150 connection, my AC laptops can easily achieve that on 2.0, but can't beat 50/50 on 2.1)


I'm not sure if the added features (Circle, etc.) are taxing the hardware's resources too much (even in AP mode) or what the story is, but there's no question that the overall performance has suffered rather significantly in 2.1.  I appreciate that many users of late have said "no problems!"...but with respect, I'm also unconvinced they are discerning consumers capable of doing appropriate low-level testing of the gear to determine whether it is actually performing as it should...in the consumer space, "good enough" is often mistaken for "good".  Your use case/experience may vary.


For me, it's back to and a hope that it doesn't automagically update again before a hopefully improved release is pushed.

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Re: Had to walk away from

Iv been having some crazy drops in speeds on my iphones! I have 300/20 but I get 40/20 best case next to the router. Ipad similiar problem on apple 4k apple tv no issues. But these dropped connections its a mess constantly dropping the connection.
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