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Help on the way for ethernet backhaul problems in 2.1.4?


Help on the way for ethernet backhaul problems in 2.1.4?

My ethernet backhaul was working great prior to the forced firmware upgrade of 2.1.4.  After following the various threads on the forum it sounds like my config is similar to others in that whatever we try (full reset, turning off features etc...) we can't get ethernet backhaul to work with the latest firmware (2.1.4).  I'm still within my free support window so I called netgear and asked for an update.  Much to my surprise netgear support acknowledged that there is an issue with ethernet backhaul and that engineering is working on a solution.  While he couldn't offer a timeline for a fix he said it would be handled in a similar fashion to yesterdays Apple Homekit fix.  So apparently help is on the way.  It would be nice for all of us if someone from Netgear substantiated in the forum that a fix is in the works.   

Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Help on the way for ethernet backhaul problems in 2.1.4?


Did you set up one satellite via wireless first then connect the ethernet cable between the router and satellite and give 5 minutes for the system to reconfigure? You should see a BLUE LED on the stop of the statellite. What are you seeing on the top of the satellite after 5 minutes? 


Is there any network switches in between the router and satellite? If so, whats the Mfr and model#? 


My Setup ISP SparkLight | Internet Cable 1000↓/50↑ CAX80 Modem Mode  | Wifi Router RAXE500 and RBKE963; Router mode | Switches NG GS105/8, GS308v3, GS110MX and XS505M | Additional NG HW: C7800/CAX30/CAX80/CM1100/CM1200/CM2000, Orbi: CBK40, CBK752, RBK50, RBK853, RBK752, RBK953, SXK30 | NightHawk: MK63, R7000, R7800, R7960P, R8000, RAXE500, RAX120v2, RAX50v2, XR450/500/700/1000, EX7500/EX7700

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Re: Help on the way for ethernet backhaul problems in 2.1.4?

I did exactly the same thing I've done for the last several versions of the firmware.  It all worked fine until 2.1.4 was forced on me.  Orbi in AP mode, I have one 16 port Netgear switch (GS116E).  Full factory reset for the orbi with every new firmware.  Every feature is turned off including daisy chain.  The Orbi router is plugged directly into my ether port 1 of my uverse gateway (BGW210).  My GS116E is ether port 2 of BGW210.  I have another 5 port Netgear switch that is plugged into ether port 3 of BGW210 which I only use for the 3 Uverse Set-top-boxes (I do this to isoloate the multicast IPTV Uverse traffic from the rest of the network devices to prevent multicast flooding).  No VPN, no Apple Homekit,  no cameras.  Just one Rachio wifi sprinkler and about 8 apple devices on Wifi.  Very simple set-up.


As soon as I plug in the ether cable after the system has "settled" for 5 mins then all heck breaks loose and never settles down.

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Re: Help on the way for ethernet backhaul problems in 2.1.4?

Thanks for sharing. I am one of those waiting for them to fix the wire backhaul as well.
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