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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

How to know if orbi needs to be set up or is damaged


How to know if orbi needs to be set up or is damaged



Recently, an (adult) member of my household in an angry episode disabled the wifi by ripping the orbi RBR20, Nighthawk CM1200, and several other wifi devices and threw it in the back of her car and drove off. Today, she has cooled down and returned the devices. However, when I plugged everything back in, the orbi just shines a solid pink/purple and the RBW30 pulses white and then the LED cuts off. My wifi does not work, but i can plug my ethernet into the modem and get a perfectly fine connection. My question is: Is the RBR20 damaged or just requires setup?


Any help would be tremendously apreciated.




Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: How to know if orbi needs to be set up or is damaged

Edit: RBW30 is blue

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Re: How to know if orbi needs to be set up or is damaged

Couple things.

1. Make sure you're using port 1 on the CM1200. There's 4 ports but you can only use 1. There's some ways to use more but its mostly for business class customers, people with dual wan router (not orbi), or ISP's that allow multiple IP's (rare). 

Here's what the leds mean: 


If the satellite is blue, its connected back to the router fine.

If the router itself is magenta, it means its not getting an IP address from the modem. 

Here's what I'd try as you don't know what all happened with "the ripping out". 

Reset both the modem and router back to factory. While they're booted up, push and hold reset for 7-15 seconds. the lights should change.

Once they've both fully booted/restored, power them back down.

boot up the modem with nothing connected. give it a few minutes to fully boot.

plug port 1 on modem into the wan port on router.

Then boot up the orbi. Give it a few minutes to fully boot.

then try to setup the factory refreshed install. 


See if that works. Just make sure nothing else if plugged into the cm1200.  

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