× NETGEAR is aware of a growing number of phone and online scams. To learn how to stay safe click here.
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How to verify official NETGEAR websites, authentic NETGEAR support, and social media accounts

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How to verify official NETGEAR websites, authentic NETGEAR support, and social media accounts

NETGEAR is aware of an increasing number of phone and online scams. Your security is our top priority. Be advised that NETGEAR will never call you and ask you to install an application such as ANYDESK on your device or ask you to make a financial payment on over the phone in return for support.  If this happens to you, please hang up the phone and call 1-888-NETGEAR.


Be careful when doing an online search to ensure you're not inadvertently clicking a link to a fraudulent website or mistyping a web address that will likely take you to a third-party website that may ask you to pay money for NETGEAR product support or  attempt to steal your login credentials. If you are not sure whether the website you are visiting is legitimate, close your browser tab or window and see the following guidelines.


Verify a NETGEAR website

Check that the website address ends with NETGEAR.com. For example: www.netgear.com, www.netgear.com/support kb.netgear.comcommunity.netgear.com, or www.store.netgear.com/home. Only official NETGEAR websites can use netgear.com as the web address.


Verify a NETGEAR social media account

NETGEAR is in the process of verifying all official social media accounts. A social media account is only verified if it meets the following criteria.

To verify a NETGEAR social media account:

  1. Look for a blue verification badge next to the NETGEAR profile picture.
    Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use verification badges to confirm authentic accounts.
  2. If using YouTube, check that you are visiting https://www.youtube.com/user/netgearchannel, or click this link.

For examples of verified NETGEAR accounts, navigate to the following link:

How do I recognize an official NETGEAR website or social media account?


Contact NETGEAR Support

If you are still not sure whether a NETGEAR website or social media account is authentic, visit https://www.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx.

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