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I run a local server, its all cabled but some times it still gets a high ping / lagg?


I run a local server, its all cabled but some times it still gets a high ping / lagg?

Hello there, thought i should ask here before i change to another system and probably solve this problem first.

Currently running a machine (R7 1700 / RX 560) as a cinema server / minecraft server locally for some friends in my country and some times the ping climbs and the lagg becomes immense, usually only 2-3 times a day.


Its been happening more lately and no one is home except for myself, usually there is 2 others from my family at home too using the network but with no issues or anything then. Only really if someone "takes all the bandwidth" or doesnt cap their download speed is when its an issue.


But now this issue with the mesh network getting immense lagg is a bit annoying and im wondering what it could be?

Currently im kind of a noob i guess? Coming here to ask for help. I've gone in IT and i know how to open ports but thats mostly where my knowledge ends.


We got 3 mesh-network routers from our IT-uncle that didnt need them anymore and its been working great for the last 6 months or more. But this lagg problem is a bit annoying for the people on my server, their ping to my server is usually below 20ms (millliseconds) so i dont really understand how it bugs out every now and then.


Any help is greatly appreciated, the routhers version is this: V2.7.3.22

I did update this router 1 month ago, so it shouldnt be that old i think.


Again, thank you for any help you can give me.

Its been a while since i felt like a noob coming on a network forum to ask for help 🙂

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: I run a local server, its all cabled but some times it still gets a high ping / lagg?

Is this the situation:

  • The media/Minecraft server is cabled to the RBR50 route with ethernet cable.
  • Ports are forwarded through the RBR50 router to the server to support those activities.
  • Users on the internet notice performance issues occasionally (not constantly) which are reported as too much "lag".

If you access the server from a computer that is also connected to the same router, does the local computer experience the same lag issues?


How has the "lag" been traced to the Orbi router, rather than to

  • The interent service providers
  • The user's network or ISP

What is the up/down bandwidth of the internet connection?





I love my Orbi.
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Re: I run a local server, its all cabled but some times it still gets a high ping / lagg?

1. Yes, cat5e all the way.

2. Ports are opened on 25565 as minecraft needs them. Also opened for another plugin to have a local-map name showing.

3. Yes, lag.

4. The local computer doesnt get any lag, but i have 1ms or below so i dont seem to be affected?

Several different people are "lagging" not just one.

5. ISP shows no downtime or lag on the interface.

6. up is 200 and down is 200. Avg is 215 down and 195 up.


Supposingly i dont think mesh routers where made for this type of setup?


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Re: I run a local server, its all cabled but some times it still gets a high ping / lagg?

In addition to their regular residential routers, many manufacturers offer routers with Gaming in the product description. (Netgear included)

My understanding is that those models focus more on speed and latency than ordinary routers. So, you are correct, Netgear's Orbi models are not targeted at internet gaming.


Older internet connections are skewed toward "Down" rather than "Up".  My Spectrum, for example, provides over 200mbs down, but only about 11mb up.  If I were to host gaming or media serving, that puny upstream capacity would be a definite problem.  You appear to have one of the newer symmetrical ISP's (probably fiber based) which provides 200mbs both down and up.


It might be useful to ask some of your friends to run something like PingPlotter against your public IP.  That might indicate where the lag is coming from.  I also like hrping because it generates results with more precision than "regular ping".


For this to work, your router would have to be set to "Respond to ping on the internet port" (on the Advanced Tab, Setup, WAN setup).  This is almost always set to "off" to keep trolls from hammering on your router.  For some short tests, however, this is what will enable your friends to test the connection.

I love my Orbi.
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