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IP TV T-Entertain doesn't work with Orbi RBK40


IP TV T-Entertain doesn't work with Orbi RBK40

I'm living in a bigger house with all of the typical pitfalls for a good WLAN connectivity across the whole building. I tried Frits (7490) with a repeater and external antennas. It worked, but not as good as i expect. Now i found Orbi. I took the RBK40 and WLAN and internet works pretty good, except IP-TV 😞


I have a running contract with Telekom t-enterain and the typical box. Don't know the exact version (from mid of 2015). But i don't think, it's an issue of the box itself.


I try to figure out why it doesn't work. The screen freezes after some seconds. I found some details here in the community with two hints:


1. IGMP proxy. This is already part of the current firmware. It's activated. Activating and deactivating has no impact to IP TV quality and/or behavior

2. Switch from Router to AP. I tried it, but it's not better and addtionally i'm not quite sure, what i will miss from Orbi if i use AP mode.


My general setup

* The DSL modem is a Fritz! 7490. WLAN is turned of.  The rest is as before (no change). So own DHCP and others.

* RBR 40 working as Router

* RBS 40


The Entertain-Box is connected via cable to the ethernet port of the RBS40 (room is far away from the router).


Orbi is quite expensive and it only makes sens, if IP-TV also works properly. I'm not quite sure if the issue is caused by two different IP numbers. The Fritz has it's own, and the Orbi (with all connected devices) has another IP ranges.


Any addtionaly hints or ideas? If i can't get it working, Orbi has to be sent back 😞






Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: IP TV T-Entertain doesn't work with Orbi RBK40

Hi Frank.


I suspect that you may need to :


a/ Put the fritz into bridge mode (so that it becomes just a modem)

b/ use the Orbi in full router mode  (with DHCP) - you will need to add the PPPoE settings.

c/ connect TV via ethernet direct to router


I use the Orbi in this way with a Vigor 130 modem and BT-TV.





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Re: IP TV T-Entertain doesn't work with Orbi RBK40

Hi, I have the same problem. I am using the standard Telekom Router as a modem with a connected RBR40. The RBS40 Satellite is in the living room, the T-Entertain-Box is connected via Ethernet. Both are nearly 15 metres away from the router - so it's impossible to connect the T-Entertain-Box directly with the router.


Activated IGMP doesn't make a difference. RBR and RBS 40 are both in Router Mode (AP doesnt make a difference too).


Someone have an idea?

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