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Interference with Wii U gamepad?


Interference with Wii U gamepad?

I just bought the Orbi 3000 kit and so far I'm impressed with how well it works for now (not sure what optimizations I need to do but the backhaul is definitely not transmitting at 1.7Gbps). Last night I ran into my first relatively large issue with it.


My son plays with the Wii U fairly often and started complaining that the controller wasn't working. I checked and it seems like there is quite a bit of interference between it and the main unit. When you move closer to the Wii U, the gamepad becomes normally responsive but when you move away; it stutters, lags, and eventually looses connection.


The only recent change in my house setup has been moving from my R7000 to the Orbi. I know that the Wii U uses some kind of proprietary implementation of 2.4GHz. Is this a known issue? Is there some setting I can change in the settings of either the main Orbi or the Sattelite that would play nice with the Wii U gamepad?

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Re: Interference with Wii U gamepad?

Update: Upon some further research, apparently the Wii U uses the 5GHz band to talk to the controller. It also apparently sticks to the lower bands which explains why I didn't see this on my R7000 as I kept that one on the higher channels for 5GHz.

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