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Re: Is Orbi compatible with Vivint home security


Is Orbi compatible with Vivint home security

I can’t seem to find an answer to this question. About a year ago I had Vivint home security and cameras installed. All was fine. About 6 months ago I switched my internet and tv to At&T. When they installed the new At&T equipment the Vivint system didn’t work. I contacted Vivint and they said I had to have a different router.. I think a 4G for it to work. At&T thought it very odd but they did get a new router to me and it worked fine. Aside from crappy internet. I want to get Orbi, hoping it will improve my internet throughout my home. I called Vivint to see if it would be compatible. They said “of coarse” but didn’t seem to be aware that there was/could have been a prior problem. I am not even close to understanding any of this and don’t want to purchase the equipment if I can’t get a straight answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Re: Is Orbi compatible with Vivint home security

They say it works it should. One issue we see is that some device Mfrs only support there devcies on 2.4Ghz along with there setup software. Not realizing that Orbi is a single SSID MESH system that includes both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, this configurations seems to cause problems with 2.4Ghz Mfrs that don't take this into account with there setup software. Orbi does have an option to disable the 5Ghz radio temporarily so that user can get these 2.4Ghz only supporting devices connected. 


It will be someting you'll need to try to see if it works. 

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Re: Is Orbi compatible with Vivint home security

I agree with Vivint that replacing the AT&T WiFi with Orbi WiFi is not likely to cause any problems for Vivint. The key is (1) to disable the AT&T WiFi so that its radios do not compete with the Orbi radios, and (2) to install the Orbi in Access Point (AP) mode so that the AT&T system remains the "router".  I would also set up the Orbi with exactly the same WiFi name (SSID) and password as the current AT&T.   This way, every device that currently connects to the AT&T will connect to the Orbi using the same credentials.


I was unable to find many technical details about Vivint.  My security system originally came with only a cell phone connection.  i.e. it could connect to the monitoring service even if power is out or my phone line is cut.  It was upgraded to offer a WiFi connection in addition to the cell phone connection.  So, as long as WiFi is working correctly, things happen almost instantly.  If the WiFi goes out, the cell phone connection is pretty fast, but not as fast.

I love my Orbi.
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