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Re: It amazes me that a product so expensive would be so buggy...


It amazes me that a product so expensive would be so buggy...

So, got this product that is by all views is rather expensive and supposedly feature full. I have always considered Netgear a great network hardware provider especially in the home / small business market. I am an IT consultant and have worked with everything from CISCO edge routers to Load Balencers Iron from Foundry and everything in between. 

What really bothers me is that no matter what I try I am unable to disable to virus of a feature called Netgear Armor. It is designs like these that make companies like Netgear end up lossing market share. 

I am sure their automatic free 30 day trial and the general inability to disable this virus feature easily has made them some money. However, I think this is likely the last Netgear product that I will ever buy. 

Perhaps more companies need to understand that their solution is not always appreciated to be forced on all users. I am sure some users love this "service" and I am fine with it being an option. However, there should be a simple way to disable it that doesn't require you to have to reinitialize your whole network in order to do so. 


Perhaps, I will just return this product and find something that is a little more configurable that actually does what the user wants and not what the company who produced the product want to force the users to do. 

I am sure this post will likely be deleted. Because I really do not want a solution, as I have already seen 100s of others with the same issue to understand that it is solvable with some pain included. Do not think for one minute that this is not intentional. I am sure enough people try and just give up trying to disable this stupid armor that is forced on them. 

The good network engineers at Netgear should be ashamed of themselves for supporting such a predatory way of making money. Not actually by how good your product is but by forcing unwitting and less technical people to buy into your subsctiption useless virus armor! 

So very sad to see more and more technology companies resort to this horrific business practices to enslave their users. 


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Re: It amazes me that a product so expensive would be so buggy...

I, also, had a career in IT.  When I saw free trial, I simply declined the offer to install Armor. (There is some parable about "gift horse in the mouth".)  Have done factory resets on my primary Orbi and on the Orbi that I use to test things (a spare bought on eBay when the 1 year warranty ran out).  Every time, I decline.


Having never activated Armor (or Parental Controls), I lack personal experience.  What happens if a customer lets the 30 day free trial expire without signing up?  Maybe Armor expires?


I have seen reports that only the Orbi "app" is capable of deactivating Armor (not the web interface).


Not defending Netgear.  There is plenty to complain about.  I would reset and move on.

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Re: It amazes me that a product so expensive would be so buggy...

I should have also not accepted it. 

But I was curious and wanted to run wireshark on it to see what exactly it did to the network and what it  really wanteched. 


certain things can definitely easily get past it. 

I will have to wait and see if the trial expires without pain. 

However, and I tried to use the ORBI Mobile app; which gives the error of timing out. Similar to the info explained on this KB article.


My point more than anything is it saddens me that this company which I have held in general high esteem resorts to these methods. But I guess everyone is doing it. Just a shame if you ask me. 


Anyway, looks like I am returning it and buying the ASUS competitive product.

I am still very actively working in the field and it bothers me that more and more companies resort to these sort of tactrics to trap clients. 

From the early webdevelopers that would hold hostage their client's domain names to practices like this is what gives IT a bad name and a very bad taste with none technical people. 

It really saddens me.

Anyway, thank you for your replay. I just felt like bitching. LOL 😛 

Good day to you.




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