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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Just pre-ordered


Just pre-ordered

I have high hopes. A 3 level home, 2 Nest Cams on 24x7, 6 phones on WiFi, work Skype4Biz video conferencing, 3 tablets, 2 laptops. Limited ability to move my access point to a more central location.

Have burned through several competitive products. Happy to beta/torture test.

If this doesn't work, will need to switch to a commercial multi-access point solution.
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Re: Just pre-ordered

We're glad you're excited and look forward to reading your feedback.


You may find this guide helpful for choosing where to place the Satellite: http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/31029/~/where-should-i-place-my-orbi-satellite%3F

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Re: Just pre-ordered

Just pre-ordered myself. Looks very promising. I just don't have the time to play pass the baton to REs anymore... with sub-par results (though certainly better than none at all). Need a new modem (i.e. - modem only) as well. Do you think a 24x8 CM600 is sufficient and future proof for a few years - as far as utilizing Orbi's full potential? Or should I go with a 32x8? Also, does Orbi play nicer with Netgear modems since they are cousins, or does it even matter what modem you buy?

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Re: Just pre-ordered

Just pre-ordered ORBI, but is the unit going to be able to handle two wired computers, 3 wifi TV's, 2 laptops, 3 NEST thermostats, 2 ARLO cameras, 1 wired TV, two wifi garage door openers, and 9 outdoor cameras without loss?  Right now I have a Nighthawk router, and 4 extenders which is a pain. Also, can I direct wire a wifi tv off of one of the sat units?

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Re: Just pre-ordered

The satellite has 4 wired lan ports.  I think it compares favorably with throughput to my about 2 year old R8000 Nighthawk, even without the third "outward facing" 5 ghz band.  Connected to Orbi and its satellite right now are 5 smartphones, 3 laptops, 1 desktop, 5 game consoles, home automation hub, 3 TV devices (chromecast, android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, TV Antenna recording/distrubution device, and 4 tablets.  I didn't try to stream video on all of them at once, but did do Netflix on three devices, a recorded TV show on a fourth device, and youtube on a laptop for a stress test.  MU-MIMO might be helping, as we have at least 4 devices that can use it, and I did see some benefit to the Linksys EA9500 that could do MU-MIMO that the Orbi just replaced.


The things that I think really hurt the older setups was one, just the wifi killing environment, and two, way too many wireless signals flying around with multiple extenders and access points off of powerline adapters.  The Orbi definitely helps with number two.  Like always, time will tell.

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Re: Just pre-ordered

Orbi arrives tomorrow 9/21/2016. Had expedited.

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