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LBR20 — Orbi LTE Tri-band WiFi Router - Verizon Wireless?


LBR20 — Orbi LTE Tri-band WiFi Router - Verizon Wireless?


First, I apologize for putting in Orbi Pro in the Location.  It would not allow me to put in the LBR20 Orbi.  Perhaps the model is too new and the website has not been updated.


I have owned the Orbi Pro system (model SRK60-100NAS) and am very happy with it.  But now, I am interested in purchasing the LBR20 — Orbi LTE Tri-band WiFi Router.  I live in a very rural and sparesely populated area and the only cellular carrier is Verizon Wireless.  Will this device work on the Verizon Wireless Network?  If the answer is 'Yes', I will purchase this today!


If the answer is 'No', then could you point me in the direction of a Netgear product that does connect to the Verizon Wireless Network, and also connects to an Ethernet Router via an Ethernet cable?  

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Re: LBR20 — Orbi LTE Tri-band WiFi Router - Verizon Wireless?

Short answer:


According to NETGEAR, Verizon is a supported carrier for the LBR20. 


It runs GREAT (fastest speeds I've been able to get from any LTE modem).


For a limited time...


Long answer:




Then it disconnects and won't reconnect for several minutes or longer at a time. Reboot sometimes helps, sometimes not. Later, the device stops being allowed to register on Verizons network entirely, leaving you with an expensive wifi router with no LTE. NETGEAR support says of the LBR 20 on Verizon's network: "it is not playing well together". Apparently it is a known issue and engineers are working on a solution. But at this time, no ETA for a fix has been provided.


See this thread for more details: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi-LTE/LBR20-keeps-disconnecting-from-LTE/m-p/1992140/highlight/f...


The entire list of NETGEAR products and the carriers they support are listed here: https://kb.netgear.com/29947/List-of-Carriers-Supported-by-Netgear-Mobile-Devices. AFAIK, the LBR20 is the only NETGEAR wifi device with integrated LTE modem meant for home use (not a hotspot; no battery). Would really hit the sweet spot if it would just work consistently...



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Re: LBR20 — Orbi LTE Tri-band WiFi Router - Verizon Wireless?

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill me in on the details.  I seriously wish that Verizon was not the only carrier in this very rural area where I live.  I would buy this product in a heartbeat if AT&T was an option for me.

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