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Mesh or relay?


Mesh or relay?

Does each satellite serve as a relay to the next satellite therefore each one sends out a signal or does each satellite only receive a signal from the modem?
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Re: Mesh or relay?

MESH and RBS works as extenders to extend the wifi signal from the main RBR router. If daisy chain is enabled then the RBS can piggy back off one another if placed in a line out from the RBR. 

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Re: Mesh or relay?

Orbi units can be installed (a) where each unit must be connected (over WiFi or ethernet) to the router, or (b) where a satellite may connect to another satellite that has a stronger signal than the router.  Netgear calls this "Daisy Chain" and the feature is turned on by default when the Orbi comes "out of the box".


Some users face an issue where the network connection is at one extreme end of their house and the WiFi signal will not reach the other end.  When they install one satellite, it also does not reach the other end.  So, they install a second satellite which "Daisy Chains" off the first satellite because it cannot get a decent signal from the router.


If the physical layout of the house does not require Daisy Chain, then it is more efficient to turn off the feature, which means that the satellites do not activate the Daisy Chain backhaul radios.


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