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Re: Multiple devices can't connect to Orbi


Multiple devices can't connect to Orbi

I just bought and set up the RBK30 Orbi system. I have 3 devices that won't connect to the wifi network - A 2015 Macbook Pro, LG G6, and Asus 3S 10 tablet. The macbook just keeps saying "invalid password" even though it's the correct password. And the two Android devices just read "Authenticiation Issue" in the wifi list. I got online and started seeing a lot of other posts with other people sharing this same problem. It seems to be an issue with the 5 ghz network only. If I wanted to operate on 2.4 ghz only I would have bought a 2.4 ghz only router. Disabling 5 ghz is no solution. Has anybody come across a legitimate solution or fix yet? Looks like I will have to return this device if 3 of my main devices will not work with it. Keep in mind that I've connected to plenty of other 5 ghz networks with these devices with no problem at all.

Model: RBK30| Orbi AC2200 WiFi System
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Re: Multiple devices can't connect to Orbi

When you bought the RBK30 did you use the same SSID network name as your old router setup? if so did you remove that network from the wifi settings of those devices?



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Re: Multiple devices can't connect to Orbi

So I tried to use the same SSID to avoid re-setting up my ip cameras and other connected devices, but it just wouldn't work with my devices. Even though I made sure to forget the old network from the wifi settings, it still wouldn't work. Ended up having to just make a new SSID and now everything works as it should. 

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