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Re: New RBK52W Sync with old RBR50


New RBK52W Sync with old RBR50

Hi, guys:
I already have a set of RBK53 but I want to extend wifi signal. So I bought a set of RBK52W.
How can I sync RBW30 with my old RBR50? Because I want to use original SSID but not New one.(I will sell new RBR50 if it works at sync with my old RBR50).
Model: RBK52W| Orbi Router + 2 Wall-Plugs Orbi WiFi System, RBR50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Router Only)
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Re: New RBK52W Sync with old RBR50

Follow the normal procedure of adding a new Satellite. Press the Sync button on the back of the Router and then also the Sync button on the side of the RBW30 (see picture).


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Re: New RBK52W Sync with old RBR50

Thanks, ekhalil.


Honestly speaking, it doesn't work if pressing the button of sync in RBW30 to sync with my old RBR50(from RBK53).

RBW30 seems to be bondled with RBR50 from RBK52W.


Finally I found the way how to do:

1. To sync with RBW30 with RBR50 from RBK52W.

2. Get into RBR50 management page and switch it into AP mode.

3. Modify SSID into my orginal SSID.

It's done.


But I don't know wether I need to change the wireless of 5G backhaul channel to the same as my original one which comes from RBK53.


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