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ORBI Firmware Upgrade Help


ORBI Firmware Upgrade Help

I’m looking for some help on the best way to upgrade the firmware on my RBR50 Router and RBS50 satellites which are connected to the router via Ethernet backhaul.  I’m currently running V2.1.4.10 and see that V2.1.4.16 is now available.  Everything seems to be working fine with the Ethernet backhaul on V2.1.4.10, but as a practice I like to keep the firmware up to date.


I tried to simply upgrade the software with the ORBI app but that completely crashed my system, caused my internet connection to fail and resulted in the painstaking process of reverting back to V2.1.4.10.


It’s amazing to me how complicated NETGEAR has made the process of upgrading firmware and releasing an app that doesn’t work when it comes to firmware upgrades.  Does anyone have a step by step guide of how to easily upgrade the software?  Do I need to disconnect the satellites from their Ethernet connection?


Any help is very much appreciated.  Thanks!

Model: RBR50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Router Only), RBS50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Satellite Only)
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Re: ORBI Firmware Upgrade Help

FYI, if it works, dont' fix it. Smiley Wink


However if you must, first download the FW update files for your system to your PC.

Using a wire connnected PC, If the satellites are up and running, connect to them first and update the FW on them first. Then connect to the main ruoter base and upgrade it lastly. Some have not needed a factory reset after a FW update, however others have reported seeing problems after the update and some have suggested that doing a full factory reset on the entire system and setup from scratch resolved there problems.


Suggestion if you factory reset and set up from scratch:

Set up IP address reservations for each satellite and devices on the router as you add them to the router. The satellites need to be set up via wireless first. Then connect 1 satellite at a time to the ethernet LAN cable. Wait 5 minutes and the top led on the satellite should turn on BLUE. Set up an IP address reservation for the 1st satellite. Continue to do the same thing for the 2nd satellite. Then follow up with your devices.

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