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Re: ORBI - How do I connect a device that only supports 2.4Ghz?


ORBI - How do I connect a device that only supports 2.4Ghz?

I have an ORBI RBR20 router with two RBS20 satellites, and I am trying to connect a smart garage door opener, which only works with 2.4Ghz.  Is there a way to force a 2.4Ghz connection?   

Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: ORBI - How do I connect a device that only supports 2.4Ghz?

Try this method which works for most IoT devices that require your smart phone to also be on the 2.4GHz frequency to configure their WiFi.


  1. Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to the Orbi network.
  2. Enter orbilogin.com or
  3. The login window opens, enter username "admin" and the password that you configured for your router
  4. Click Advanced > Advanced Setup > Wireless Settings.
  5. Lower down the transmit power control of the 5 GHz to 25% and click Apply to save the settings.
  6. Move away from any Orbi device Router/Satellite or you may consider powering off the satellite if your IoT devices are still able to detect the WiFi from the Orbi while the satellite is off.
  7. If you've confirmed that your smartphone is connected to 2.4 GHz band, try connecting your IoT device to the Orbi network.
  8. If it works, put back the 5 GHz transmit power control to 100%.
RBK53 Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System (RBR50v1 router and two RBS50v1 satellites) running v2.5.1.16 firmware
Model: RBK53|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System
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Re: ORBI - How do I connect a device that only supports 2.4Ghz?

Rather than reduce the transmit power, I prefer to Uncheck the box "Broadcast SSID" for the 5G network.

Every device that is already connected will remain connected.

On the smart phone, I "Forget" the Orbi SSID.

Then search for WiFi and "surprise" find the Orbi SSID being broadcast at 2.4G.

Connect the phone.

It takes the Orbi "Attached Devices" several minutes to confirm that the phone is indeed connected at 2.4G.

Perform the setup.

Reverse the process. (Enable Broadcast.  Forget.  Search.  Connect.)

I love my Orbi.
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Re: ORBI - How do I connect a device that only supports 2.4Ghz?

I just went through a similar setup, but I had no issues.


I have a Genie garage door opener with wifi.  I installed its iOS app.  Followed the steps to reset the wifi connection on the garage door opener.  The Genie starts up by broadcasting its own wifi which is obviously going to be 2.4 Ghz.  Start its app.  It will prompt you to connect to the garage door opener wifi and continue with the setup.  It will then ask you to enter in your network name and credentials.  So long as you have a network that broadcasts in 2.4 Ghz, like the Orbi does, you should be good.  During the setup, it will eventually stop broadcasting its initial wifi network and connect to yours.  I just continued to follow the steps (registration, address, name of my first born, bla bla bla) and it connected just fine.


As a side note, I thought having a wifi garage door opener was kind of lame.  However, I have had those times in the past where I have driven away and forgot to close the garage door.  It is nice to have that alert that informs you the door is closed.  It also comes in handy if you forget your keys - of course I have never done that (ahem) - and you can open the door via the app.


So long as you have a Orbi router/satellite within range of your garage door opener, you should be good.



Depending on how you have your security setup, access control, etc, you may need to unblock/allow the new device (your garage door opener) on your network.

RBK53 v2
Router Firmware:
Satellite Firmware: (Satellite1: Wired, Satetellite2: WiFi)
Setup: DSL Modem (Bridge Mode) - Personal Router - Orbi (Access Point mode)
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