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Re: ORBI LBR20 on AT&T


Re: ORBI LBR20 on AT&T

Which AT&T plan are you using that you got this working with?

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Re: ORBI LBR20 on AT&T

I added a SIM card to my regular plan.  I did the 35g/month.


I've had it installed & running great since last September.  No issues with speeds in the 35-50mbps range.


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Re: ORBI LBR20 on AT&T

So after spending several hours on this, I finally got my LBR20 to work using a AT&T Prepaid nano SIM card, with the $50 100GB hotspot data plan. I tried setting up the router using my iPhone and my PC to no avail. Changing the APN settings to broadband wasn’t working for me either.

What did work? I happened to have a spare Galaxy Note 10+ and said “Let’s try setting it up using that.”

Powered down the Orbi and then brought it back up.

Opened the Orbi app and ran through the setup again using the android phone. (I did not reset the Orbi prior to doing this.)

It took me through the network settings and security questions as I did on my iPhone, but at the end of the setup the device was provisioned and the mobile data is online, wifi is working beautifully.

Testing 130MB download, 28 upload. Very content with this for $50/mo.
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Re: ORBI LBR20 on AT&T

Hi all,

Turns out I’m having the same issue - so frustrated and dejected after spending hours of valuable time on this and still unable to get it to work. I have the Orbi LBR20 and bought a prepaid sim ($55 for 100gb plan) this afternoon from an ATT store. They activated it using the Orbi IMEI and told me it would be plug and play. No matter what I do I can’t get the Orbi to detect the sim. So far I’ve tried:

- running Orbi setup using my PC, iphone, and galaxy tab - can never detect SIM card and internet never connects
- updating firmware and LTE module
- changing APN to “broadband”
- entering various combinations of the SIM card phone number, my ATT username (my email) and password in the Orbi router setup

The SIM card works fine when I put it in my iPhone, but I can’t figure out how to get it to work in the Orbi. My Verizon sim (from my phone) works seamlessly in the Orbi, but at this point I’ve already invested time and money on the ATT sim and really want it to work..please help!
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solved Orbi LBR20 with ATT prepaid data sim

FINALLY! As I was about to admit defeat it finally worked. Surprisingly did have some crucial help from ATT customer support over the phone. The agent directed me to this link - https://www.att.com/support/article/wireless/KM1062162/


I used the information here to program my Orbi settings (following the instructions from the LBR20 user manual page 10). Here are the steps:


1)  log in to Orbi administrator dashboard

2) navigate to the advanced tab > Setup > Internet Setup > Mobile Broadband Settings

3) Enter "NXTGENPHONE" in the APN field

4) Select PDP-IPv4v6 from the dropdown list for Authentication Type

5) Click apply

6) Reboot the router


Disclaimer - there was a lot of rebooting and changing settings with the sim inserted vs removed, but I think as long as you enter the above settings and appy, turn the power off, insert the sim, and turn the power on, you should be good to go.


Hope this works for others!


Attached pic showing final mobile broadband settings


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Re: ORBI LBR20 on AT&T

Just bought the LBR20 and purchased sim CArd from AT&T with 100gb pland for $55 per month, prepaid.  I also have an external antenna, 9db, connected to antenna 1,  nothing connected to antenna 2,


installed card and tried to do set up.  App indicated "Sim registered" but "No LTE"

tried rebooting, re inserting card, checked AT&T online support and verified Sim was activated.


I called Netgear support and was given a case number, told to hold a few minutes and was disconnected after 35 minutes.  Called back, was told I needed new case number and was again put on hold for 59 minutes with no response.  During that time I read these posts and went back to try changing the APN.  I first tried "NEXGENPHONE" which is common for AT&T,  No success.   I then tried "Broadband" , hit save and retried the setup,  This time it detected the LTE and then went into a firmware upgrade.   The unit rebooted and I now have very good internet signal.


The APN for AT&T doesnt use a username or password, just leave blank.  make sure to hit save.


Speed tests show Download 132Mbps, 57Mbps upload.   I have since added the Orbi outdoor extender and it synced right away.


Will install on our boat next week and hopefully remote Internet access will be greatly improved and available for most devices on board.








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